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Don't go to space like this

Primal screaming at the new space race. [warning: profanity]
Published onJul 22, 2021
Don't go to space like this

Look, I’m not space hater. I grew up on a heavy diet of Star Trek and classic sci-fi and pop-sci books. I can’t wait for us to build the Federation and explore the shit out of the universe. But dammit, not like this. We were supposed to solve our problems on Earth first and head out as peaceful explorers — wishful thinking, even in the Star Trek canon, I know — not this shitty mirror universe oligarch dick-wagging competition.

In the meantime, I can’t believe we’ve built a society that allows, and worse, celebrates, these egomaniacs wasting billions of their ill-gotten dollars jetting out of here while a single human being on this planet starves or lives in fear of climate disasters. What Bezos and Branson did this week should be unthinkably immoral. We should be waiting for them to land with pitchforks in hand, not cameras.

But we’re not. And worse still, it’s nearly impossible to imagine how we’d move society to that point. Hence, all I’ve got is this primal scream.

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