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Take the win

The far-left’s predictable outcry over the Inflation Reduction Act is a form of climate denial.
Published onAug 08, 2022
Take the win

Here we go again. On the heels of the Senate passage of the landmark Inflation Reduction Act, the left’s resident Democrat-haters are out in force pointing out just how bad the bill is without any evidence to back up the claim except memes. There’s certainly some small kernels of truth there. Yes, there are bad parts of the bill, like the public land drilling permits. Yes, it’s not everything we wanted. Yes, the Democratic Party is still pretty bad.

But is anyone saying the bill’s perfect? Or the final step to solving the climate crisis? Or the Democratic Party’s salvation? Not that I can see. You either have to be the world’s most advanced and secretive climate modeler, or extremely twisted by your personal hatred for a political party, to take a bill that every independent analysis says will lead to dramatic emissions reductions and save countless lives and pretend it’s a disaster.

If you care about the climate and you’re making or spreading those arguments right now, you’re engaging in climate denial. Market-based incentive solutions may not be your preferred approach to combatting climate change. They’re certainly not mine. But if you pretend that they do nothing, despite all evidence to the contrary, you lend credibility to the argument that fossil fuel companies have long used to delay climate action, and in fact are actively making right now, that nothing imperfect is worth doing.

Of course, the opposite is true. Tackling the crisis will require an all of the above approach. This is a start, even if it’s an imperfect one. Arguing otherwise is climate denial that plays right into the hands of oil companies. And frankly, the world just doesn’t have any more time to pander to climate deniers.

So take the win and let’s start working for more.

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