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Defend Democracy Now

My letter to @SenSchumer today. Send one to your Senator now.
Published onJun 07, 2021
Defend Democracy Now

I often let systemic issues like the, er, rapid descent of American democracy into authoritarian minority rule, depress and de-motivate me. And that was the story of much of today. But it helps to refocus my anxiety into action, and this was mine today, in a letter to our Majority Leader, following the advice of the indispensable Indivisible.

Long story short: Speak the fuck up, Chuck.

Dear Leader Schumer,

Where were you today? On the day Joe Manchin tried to preemptively stop democratic reform to save himself a tough vote, our Majority Leader said nothing about the bill for which he supposedly believes "failure is not an option."

I am writing today, as your constituent, to urge you to show up to the fight for democracy, today and every day. Republicans across the country are hell-bent on establishing autocratic, minority rule. I have a lifetime to live, and I am terrified it will be in an America that is no longer free. Is that the legacy you will leave me?

You must, right now, re-affirm your commitment to passing voting rights reform before the August recess, re-affirm you commitment to scheduling votes on it, and, behind the scenes, work with Manchin and any other reluctant Democrats to do whatever it takes to get them to act. The future of our democracy, and possibly our world, depends on your actions right now. And right now? You are silent.

Stop being silent. I am depressed. Anxious. A wreck. Terrified for my future. But I have found my voice today. Find yours and lead like you're supposed to.


Gabriel Stein

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