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Starting over

Published onApr 22, 2010
Starting over

I’m starting over. From now on, this blog will simply be a place of expression for my thoughts. I will no longer work towards being something I’m not, hide behind anonymity or design, or pretend to be anything but an amateur tinkering around with ideas. As such, I have stripped down to a minimal design (I will be making modifications as I have time, and may introduce something completely new if I see fit), and will focus more on using social networking tools, mainly twitter, to disseminate my ideas. I will also make use of the Oxford Comma and exclusive quotation marks.

Speaking of which, here are the main topics I will be covering: Content vs. Data, Identity (specifically Digital Identity), Politics, Rebooting the News, Searching vs. Indexing, and the Internet. When I refer to my own blog or projects, I’ll call it Meta. Speaking of which, I will be uploading my own portfolios/projects to this site in the coming days. This site will serve the dual function of being a method of expression and my digital resume.

I hope to see you here often.

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