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A quick hit of late capitalist angst involving Amazon, Larry Fink, and a single-serving cup of Cheerios.
Published onMar 27, 2024

In his annual shareholder letter, Larry Fink warned of an upcoming global retirement crisis. The solution? Markets, baby.

Tonight I spent 20 minutes in a chat session trying to convince some poor Amazon contractor living who knows how many thousands of miles away to waive a return so I could avoid driving 50 minutes round trip to a Staples to send back a single-serving cup of Cheerios that had been mistakenly delivered to me instead of a set of art trays.

I hate that Amazon, multiple overworked contractors, and driving are involved in this story. But I don’t know what other choices we have.

By the same logic, Larry Fink is right. If you’re not currently retired or close to it, and you want to retire, chances are you should be investing more money in the market (preferably, I’m sure he would argue, with his company) so you, too, can enjoy the glorious spoils of what we have made of capitalism. What other choices do we have?

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