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Twitter Updates for 2009-03-23

Published onMar 23, 2009
Twitter Updates for 2009-03-23
  • Finding just the right shade of cool minty green to match the pink background on my site is one of the most tedious things I’ve ever done. #

  • Sleep is only a fleeting respite from the weight of our commitments, yet most bliss happens there. How cursed and blessed we are to need it. #

  • Just updated typography on my new site. Going with just two: Tahoma/Verdana for content, Georgia for everything else. Results are…mixed. #

  • My prof says to eliminate all pause words in dialogue, but I’m much more of a naturalist. Is perfect dialogue too slick for most characters? #

  • @crowjonah If that’s true, given my last stat check, I think I need more sleep. #

  • I’ve got to write these damn essays, or study French, or do something productive, but I’m worn out and a tad sick. So, tea and TV anyone? #

  • Chose darjeeling: light and aromatic. Read somewhere that tea’s caffeine is more focusing than coffee’s (another vice). Wonder if it’s true? #

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