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Style vs. Grammar

Published onMay 03, 2009
Style vs. Grammar

A hilarious comment from an Anonymous poster at The Sartorialist. Note the completely random lack of capitalization (one I, one i), the one-word sentence (containing a coordinating conjunction, no less), the misused semicolon, and the awkward phrasing that makes it seem like everyone walks around naked these days (I know I do). It may very well be from a non-native speaker, but I think this is still the most unintentionally funny comment I’ve ever seen on a reputable blog.

the fabric is a bit different from my taste. however! I am i am in great appreciation of the details like; the the sleeve length and complementing shirt cuff. The well pressed pants and pinky ring are all romantic hallmarks of a time when people got “dressed” when leaving the house. it’s very nice to see. very handsome.

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