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Subscribe? Or not!

By "popular" demand, I have created a way to subscribe to my writing via email. Subscribe if you want!
Published onJan 03, 2024
Subscribe? Or not!

Hello my 7 to 13 regular readers. Some of you have pointed out that I might have more regular readers were I to offer ways to subscribe to my blog via methods other than when I remember to post it to social media.

I’ve resisted doing it for a long time because, well, I started this thing as a way to organize my thoughts, very loosely following Cory Doctorow’s memex method. Publishing those thoughts, not to mention distributing them, was (and still is) secondary to simply getting them on the virtual page for an audience of one.

But, it is nice getting feedback on those thoughts to help test and shape them, mostly from friends, so, what the heck. I’ve created a very simple email subscription mechanism that simply, and exclusively, checks my RSS feed every day and sends an email if there’s a new post. And that’s it. I’m not checking it, I’m not sending welcome emails or automations or literally anything else. If it breaks you’ll probably have to tell me. Anyhow, if you still want to subscribe, here you go:

You can subscribe here.

(Also, I should mention you can also subscribe the old-fashioned way via this RSS feed, filtered to my blog posts:

I’ll maintain this list as long as it’s under the free number of subscribers. If it gets bigger than that, I dunno, I’ll have to figure something out I guess. I’ll ask you first if anything changes.

Finally, some fine print. Rather than Mailchimp, which is now owned by Intuit, a champion abuser of consumer data, I’m using a company called mailerlite that stores data in the EU and cannot, contractually, use or sell my subscriber data in any way. And of course, neither will I, ever.

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