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Solarpunk reading list

My favorites so far. Extremely incomplete!
Published onSep 08, 2021
Solarpunk reading list
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Going solar

The 'solar' in solarpunk is both a literal reference to renewable energy and a metaphor for decentralized, locally controlled, but interconnected resilience.

An extremely incomplete list of solarpunk things that I’ve personally consumed and find useful/inspiring/fun/good/interesting. May update over time.


Solarpunk: Notes towards a manifesto, Adam Flynn, 2014

The original pseudo-manifesto. Probably best to start here.

Life in the Future Beyond the Rusted Chrome of Yestermorrow, Jay Springett, 2019

A brilliant look at mass media and the need to imagine new futures.

On the Political Dimensions of Solarpunk, Andrew Dana Hudson, 2015

As advertised, delves into the politics of solarpunk in an extremely compelling way.


Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk and Eco-Speculation, 2017

I’m only a few stories in, but so far it’s the most mature and interesting collection of stories I’ve read.

News & Commentary

Solarpunk Is Not About Pretty Aesthetics. It's About the End of Capitalism, Hannah Steinkopf-Frank, 2021

A re-introduction covering some of the latest developments in solarpunk, with quotes from some of its biggest names.

Solarpunk wants to save the world, Ben Valentine, circa 2017

An optimistic take on the budding genre from a few years ago, including quotes from some of its early proponents.


The original tumblr, curating solarpunk-y things.


The sub-reddit, where people are mostly discussing whether bits of news are/are not solarpunk.

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