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Flash Fiction Friday: To Old Friends

Published onMay 22, 2009
Flash Fiction Friday: To Old Friends

So. This is a Friday. And I am posting Flash Fiction. Unfortunately, this is actually last Friday’s Flash fiction. It’s horrible, I know, but I did write something, and wanted to put it up. I’m going to try to have another one up today, so, you know, treat it as a double-header. Two-for-one, or what have you.

So, for this (last Friday’s) piece, Crow chose the rule (and I shamelessly stole his graphic), and Robin and Caiti followed suit as always. Make sure to read their pieces when you can and try to guess at the common rule that runs throughout them.

To Old Friends

So, how are the ladies? I say, cracking a mischievous smile. He looks away. It’s the first thing I want to know with him, every time we come back home. He tells me there aren’t any, and I shrug it off. Only I’m thinking about how little has changed. His problem has always been that he’s just a little too annoying, talks to much. Talking right now about something. He desperately needs a girl who can stand him, who makes him settle down. Had one once, but let her go. I wonder why?

He stops to take a bite of his sandwich. I cut in, You read that story about COIN in Pakistan? His eyes light up. Yes, he tells me, and goes on to explain why he doesn’t think it’s going to work. The US is still having problems with it, how would a subpar military only loosely commanded by an evaporating government do any better? I’m not sure I disagree, but I’m not sure he knows what he’s talking about, either. He says he studied it in South Asian Policy class. Okay.

Next up, it’s sports. Baseball team bad, basketball team good. What are they doing to the Broncos? I laugh, and ask if he can still be a fan. He says yes, but he won’t enjoy it until all the remnants of JMD are gone.

There’s silence for a while. Food’s almost done. Do I want to finish it? he asks. No, I’ll take it home and eat it later.  It’s time to go already, doubly understood. Ball-game tomorrow? I pause. I’ve to about 30 games with him over the years. Most of them have been fun. Okay, I say. It’s good to be back, we both agree. Nice to see you. You too. And we leave.

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