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These are the assholes who just voted to kill millions of Americans

Make them pay.
Published onMay 04, 2017
These are the assholes who just voted to kill millions of Americans

I’ll never forget the day my mom told me she had been left out to die. Before the ACA, my dad lost his job and the healthcare that came with it. Shortly thereafter, my mom, who survived breast cancer when I was five and lives with multiple sclerosis, received a letter from her insurance company telling her they wouldn’t cover her at all. At any price. She was devastated. She felt worthless. She felt that society had thrown her to the wolves for no reason. I will always remember the fear, sadness and anger in her voice on that day. She ultimately ended up on a high-risk pool, which gave her almost worthless coverage at a nearly unaffordable price, a luxury she only had because my parents saved prudently throughout their careers. Today, thanks to the ACA, she has affordable, real coverage on the exchanges. It’s not perfect, but society has emphatically decided that she isn’t worthless.

That’s hardly the world’s worst story of life before the ACA. But it’s enough to fuel me with white-hot, incandescent rage at what happened today. If you don’t know: Republicans in congress just voted to return to the world that abandoned my mom. Their evil, cruel bill will end up killing millions of Americans by effectively taking away coverage from babies, veterans and anybody who’s poor. It also makes all of us more susceptible to bankruptcy by allowing employers to adopt plans with lifetime coverage caps, something the ACA put an end to.

So, Republicans below: you are the so-called moderates who just voted to leave my mom out to die. Again. For no reason other than to give a tax cut to the wealthiest Americans and settle a political score. You are cruel, evil, hypocritical and wrong. You are bad people. You have blood on your hands. I will hold you all personally responsible for the harm your actions will cause my mom, veterans, parents of infants, disabled kids, the mentally ill, and the rest of us. I will make sure your names are known and reviled. You will never be able to show your faces in public again.

You can help me.

  1. Go here to donate to the campaigns of Democrats who will oppose these monsters in 2018.

  2. If your congressperson is listed below, call them right now and let them know their career is over. Or better yet, visit their office in person.

  3. Share your own stories and outrage by responding to this article.

  4. Share and favorite this piece. Make sure thousands of people know these names.

We Know Your Names

You voted to kill us. Your career is over.

Shamelessly copied from Trump Care Toolkit. Let me know if I should add others.

Hi Gabe, I voted for your mom to die from treatable diseases!

Rep. Don Young (AK)

(202) 223–5765

Babies need to start taking responsibility for the health problems they’re born with. That’s not my problem.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (IL16)

(202) 225–3635

I believe veterans shouldn’t have affordable health care. It’s not like we owe them anything.

Rep. Carlos Curbelo (FL26)


I wish insurance companies could charge hardworking, everyday Americans more for pre-existing conditions.

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (FL25)

(202) 225–4211Type caption for image (optional)

I believe being raped should disqualify you from getting health coverage.

Rep. Randy Hultgren (IL14)

(202) 225–2976

I yearn for the days when my constituents could easily go bankrupt just because they got sick.

Rep. Mark Amodei (NV2)

(202) 225–6155

Hey Gabe, my thoughts and prayers are with your mom. But my vote and wallet are with my rich donors.

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (PA8)

(202) 225–4276

Lol, sick babies.

Rep. Rick Crawford (AR1)

(202) 225–4076

These glasses make me look smarter than someone who just voted to end their career.

Rep. Peter Roskam (IL6)

(202) 225–4561

Good thing bushy eyebrows aren’t a pre-existing condition!

Rep. Bruce Poliquin (ME2)

(202) 225–6306

I forgot how fun taking away people’s health care is!

Rep. Mike Bost (IL12)

(202) 225–5661

This is my “poor kids are gonna lose their Medicaid!” smile.

Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (NJ11)

(202) 225–5034

*Incoherent guttural noise*

Rep. Peter King (NY2)

(202) 225–7896

At least my premiums won’t go up! And you’ll pay for them if they do! Haha, suckers. Crap, am I saying this out loud?

Rep. Steven Stivers (OH15)

(202) 225–2015

May preventable death visit you all in the new year! Huzzah!

Rep. Evan Jenkins (WV3)

(202) 225–3452

My mustache may look approachable, but behind it you’ll find only a profound lack of empathy for human beings.

Rep. David McKinley (WV1)

(202) 225–4172

*raises eyebrow* Ooo, tax cuts for my rich friends.

Rep. Rod Blum (IA1)

(202) 225–2911

“…and I said that’s not a giant tumor, that’s my wife! Get it??”

Rep. Glenn Thompson (PA5)

(202) 225–5121

I voted yes just for the free Bud Light and orange slices we get after signing death warrants for millions.

Rep. Bill Johnson (OH6)

(202) 225–5705

Get wrecked, America.

Rep. Bob Gibbs (OH7)

(202) 225–6265

I’m pretty sure I just lost my job, but at least I’m rich enough to afford insurance.

Rep. Darrel Issa (CA49)

(202) 225-3906

I know my face looks like a plastic mask, but trust me, it’s the real one I use to lie to my constituents.

Rep. John Faso (NY19)

(202) 225–5614

Any chance you’ll buy the Appalachian trail excuse again?

Rep. Mark Sanford (SC1)

(202) 225–3176

By Gabriel Stein on May 4, 2017.

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