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Welcome to my new site

Published onMar 23, 2009
Welcome to my new site

Now serving you from two convenient locations, (main URL), (surreal URL).

I hope you like the new look and content of my blog. The new retro-y design is mostly finished, but I’ll still be making some tweaks as time goes on. I hope you enjoy it for now. For those of you on IE, I’m sorry, but you don’t see my cool new minty-fresh green borders and drop shadows surrounding the posts. I’ll try to make it more compliant, but I highly recommend picking up Firefox in the meantime…and you’ll probably use it all the time.

And now a word from our content: more personal, more interactive, probably on the whole less absurd, bizarre, and funny.

I’ll of course continue with my website reviewsmovie critiques, and all that, but I’ll also be adding some of my own creative work, including some scripts, short stories and possibly photos and design works. I’ll also occasionally (but not too often) link to stuff I think is important. However, I’m not about to become a link blog - I’ll always include commentary to keep it fresh and up for discussion.

And speaking of discussion - whoever you are, good reader, I want you to feel free to say anything, critique anything, discuss anything, suggest anything, even if you don’t know me personally or well, even if you think it might be awkward or socially unacceptable. A big part of my goal here is to ignite intelligent and in-depth discussion on any number of diverse subjects. I’ll do my best to make the content thought-provoking, but you’ve got to take a few risks to make that work.

I’m also going to be doing a lot more with Twitter, so go ahead and follow me if you like. The Twitter feed will have both new blogposts and random observations during the day, which will be posted to a daily digest on the blog at the end of the day. You can, of course, always respond with twitter using @gabestein.

Well, it’s late, so I guess that’s about it for now. I think this is going to be a lot of fun, for all of us. I look forward to meeting whoever you are.


Gabe Stein

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